Sunday, April 27, 2008

North along the cliffs.

A beautiful morning at the Heads.

This morning our intention had been to paddle our kayaks up to Long Reef and back.

However as we (Tony and Luke) paddled around North Head we saw the give-away signal of birds plunging into the sea within a small cove formed by the cliffs. With large waves crashing onto the rock platforms to one side of us we trolled our Xmas tree lures in wide arcs through the cove. Within a short time we had caught five Australian Salmon and a Bonito tuna. A few other fish had escaped with their lives by launching themselves into the air and shaking the hooked lures from their gaping mouths.

Tony brings in an Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta).

With our fresh passengers onboard we changed course back towards the harbour - where a series of solid right-handers were curling around South Head.

Tony launching down the face of a large wave for an enervating ride back into the harbour.

A rock shelf at Shark Island provided a good spot to fillet the morning's catch.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

South to Wedding Cake Island

Dawn at South Head.

Minutes after casting his lure Tony brings in his first tuna of the day.
Colin Still and Eureka trolling along the cliffs.

Peter and Julian paddling over from Manly.

Julian taking in the horizon.

Luke at South Head.

Paddling south.


Tony trolling around Wedding Cake Island.

Peter and Julian rounding the southern end of Wedding Cake.

Skyscape from below Clovelly's surface.

Reaching out to an Eastern Blue Groper.

An Eastern Blue has a snap at Tony's toes.

The view north.

Tony lands a "Thumper" off North Bondi ...

... and another tuna off South Head.