Saturday, December 13, 2008

Broken Bay to Sydney Harbour (duo)

The aim of this morning's adventure was to paddle out from Broken Bay, set sails and catch the forecasted 20knot N-W breeze down to Sydney Harbour.
Ready to launch on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach.

Tony and Luke warily heading out of Broken Bay beneath an uncertain sky.

Barrenjoey sitting like a full stop on Sydney's north shore.

Setting sail as the dawn sun performs a good impression of moonlight.
Evolving cloud formations bridging the land and the sea.

Cruising southwards.

A crisp sail running before a stormy sky.

Silvery sea light.

Our new sails cutting a fine profile along the eastern horizon.

Tony and a sea eagle sharing the same air current.

With the strong winds not appearing this morning we drifted into Port Jackson to conclude our passage from Broken Bay.
May the adventures continue in 2009.

Tony under sail ...

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Monday, December 8, 2008

The underwater world of The Oasis

Jules and Derek headed out from Little Manly at 07:00 for a leisurely outing in very calm seas and mild overcast weather.
Given a forecast southerly change by midday we decided to head south and stay close to shore. After a quick explore of North Head we headed south to The Gap in the hope of linking up with Tony and his kayak load of Kingfish.

No sign of Tony but conditions were perfect for a floated landing at The Oasis.

Water clarity was exceptional - the opportunity to explore The Oasis from below was too good to be missed.

Jules exploring the Oasis.
The water temperature had increased markedly in the past few days. Many school fishes were hiding amongst toppled boulders in the gentle swell and several blue gropers cruised the depths.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jules and Derek exploring the blue depths.

Oasis kayak rack.

An enjoyable moring was completed with a few practice eskimo rolls back at Little Manly and coffee by the beach - hard to beat!