Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Update on swift expedition touring kayak production at Nadgee Kayaks

 NADGEE KAYAKS has been operating to capacity during the last year while building its current line up of sea kayaks for clientelle who want to paddle locally made sea kayaks with exceptional expedition pedigree and build strength. Recent circumnavigations of Australia in Nadgee Kayaks are testiment to this proven character.

And whenever time has permitted, Lawrence has also been hard at work refining the 1:1 scale "plug" for a new swift expedition touring kayak which will soon be under full production.

Over recent weeks the kayak "plug" has been undergoing detailed shaping and refinement.
Final sanding and surface preparation of the "plug" is taking place over coming days.
Mould production is commencing last week of Jan. Fully outfitted kayaks in the water soon thereafter ...

Contact Lawrence Geoghegan for further enquiries ... nadgeekayaks@gmail.com