Sunday, March 9, 2014

It takes time ...

I have not yet found the time or space to draw the whole trip across the Strait together into a concise summary report. It needs a little time to sink in.

There are many hundreds of photos to filter through ... many, many, many recollections and memories of this adventure amongst a beautifully unfolding sequence of seascapes and landscapes.

So here are just a couple of images that fall out of the bag ...

New Year's Eve on Hogan Island

Diving for abalone in the Kent Group of islands.

Winter Cove camp.

Hooning over to Hogan. Top speed of 19.9km/h.

Slogging it out to Flinders. 72km this day.

Cruising through the Furneaux Group. Ross and Peter having joined us at Killekrankie.

Mercury sea with Mt Chappel on horizon.

A sea kayaker's dinner.

A sea kayaker's entree ... about seven hundred dollars worth of green lipped abalone.

Mt Strzelecki Group from Anderson Island.

Derek exploring the sea ...

Tony with more abs above, and wondering where Bass Strait has gone below ...

I intend to write a comprehensive summary one day ...

Over & out.

( Luke )