Sunday, May 25, 2008

Late Autumn paddle to Shelly Beach.

The winter solstice is just a few weeks away from Sydney.
From the aspect of the harbour the sun now appears to rise over the cliffs of North Head - rather than from below the sea horizon as it was doing until a few weeks ago.

Tony pulls in a Tailor before we've left the harbour.

Peter paddles around from Little Manly.

Peter and Tony paddling out to sea with the cliffs of Vaucluse beyond.

Paddling north along the sun-kissed cliffs.

Luke trolling below North Head.

Tony paddling towards the Sphinx-like cliff heads.

The (nor-)eastern horizon.

Peter and Tony drop in on the locals at Fairy Bower.

Tony checks out what's happening below the surface.

Plenty as it happens ...

On the way back to the harbour we were passed by a pod of perhaps 20 or more dolphins heading out to sea.

Back on shore with a plump Bonito caught below the North Head cliffs.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

North to Shelly Beach in autumn sunshine

Riding the morning westerly down the harbour and out through the Heads.

These bold cliffs along North Head have witnessed hundreds of millions of sunrises. Paddling along at their base, with the vastness of the Pacific Ocean stretching out over the eastern horizon, a kayaker feels like a mere speck of dust in the universe. Yep - that's about exactly what we are.

Julian catching a nice wave into Shelly Beach.

Paddling into the delightful Shelly beach. Apparently it's the only west-facing beach on the east coast of Australia.

Sunlight dancing on the sand rills below the water's surface.

Small fish apparently imitating the movement of the dancing sunlight.

A small ray resting on the shelly bottom of the bay.

Julian looking for a blue groper ...

... amongst the boulders. Can you see it?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

North to Long Reef

Dawn over the Tasman Sea.

The day's first sunlight illuminating the cliffs of North Head.

Peter and Julian making distance towards Long Reef.

Waves breaking across the exposed reef.

Just south of Long Reef we celebrated Julian's Birthday with energising cups of coffee and panetone. Then, moments before being swept on to the reef, we turned around and paddled back towards the south.

East of Dee Why the relatively shallow water pushed the swell up into steep ridges.

Peter and Julian approaching Fairy Bower.

Luke below the surface at Shelly Beach.

Peter reaching out to a school of fish.

A cloud of writhing fish unfolding over boulders.

Peter glimpses our friend the Eastern Blue Groper...

Today Luke trolled three different lures from Point Piper to Long Reef and back - without getting a single strike.