Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Exploring the Bradley's Head rock shelves

Midday, mid-week, mid-winter paddle.

With a low tide, an absence of wind and the sun at its apex for the day conditions were ideal for snorkelling.

"Swimming Anemone"

A fan-shaped sponge.

A nice Cowrie specimen.

The water temperature has levelled out at about 17 decrees Celsius.

Warming up toes.

Apparently the Harbour still supports some colonies of plump scallops.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Winter sunshine

Luke's comments: I've spent today at home looking after unwell wife & child. While they were having an afternoon sleep I dashed out for a quick paddle over to Bradley's Head.

Today's sunshine and soft breezes made for beautiful kayaking conditions.

The water temperature is still quite pleasant at about 18 to 19 degrees Celsius.

How nice it is to float over a sea garden.

The temptation with kayaking is to chase the horizon.

Sometimes the best trips are just a short paddle away.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long grey paddle to the Reef

A dramatic dawn was followed by a dull grey sky and steely seas.

An Albatross leading the way into a light northerly breeze.

Tony and Peter making good distance along the eastern horizon.

Tony on the north side of Long Reef.

Peter, ever the careful kayaker, wisely keeps some distance between his kayak and the reef.

Pausing at the "Butter Box for morning tea.

On the way back south Tony spotted a friend waving.

Pehaps in a clever ploy to mimic a shark's fin this seal was pleasantly snoozing with one flipper raised skyward.

Unreliable advice informs us that seals may raise their flippers towards the sun to warm the blood flowing through the web of capillaries close to the skin's surface

This seal was easily the highlight in what was otherwise a rather dull grey day at sea. Other notable events included Tony paddling through a zone of "boiling" water near the Sphinxes and pulling in a salmon, and Luke doing an upside-down inspection of the reef at Fairy Bower after getting side-on to a breaking wave.

From the Heads to Long Reef and back (with short stops at Butter Box and Shelly Beach) we covered 18.4 nautical miles / 34.07 kilometers.