Monday, April 26, 2010

Local tucker

Tony (aka Kingfisher) comes up with the goods on the east Australian coastline ...

Yep - that's a cray.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

North Head

Approaching the silhouette of South Head (Burra-wara) with the bold profile of this morning's destination -  North Head (Boree) - beyond.

Salmon Cove - where we scrambled ashore in our nimble kayaks and then walked up and over the rock fall at the base of the cove's northern cliff.

A compelling view of the rock platform with its stunning pool.
Note the distinctive NNE-aligned fractures associated with the Watsons Bay fault line.
Hey Peter - you might want to stand on this side of the fault.

The climb down the cliff's face to ...

... the olympian rock pool.

No underwater photos today ... sorry, forgot the waterproof camera.

Climbing out with flippers stashed in back of wet-suit.
Composition of rocks and figures.

The stunning landscape of North Head.
As we paddled southwards a lone vessel drifted along the eastern horizon ...

The Eora people of Sydney had a description for the British colonisers who sailed into Sydney with the First Fleet:
"Bèerewalgal" - people from the clouds.