Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of winter ...

OK - yet another day on the water that seems worth sharing ...

Today the tribe was up early, paddling through ribbons of phosphorescence from as early as 4.50am and from various launching points before picking out each other's blinking night-lights and then travelling as a pod of four on a course for Barrenjoey and Pittwater.

It was a great feeling being offshore in such calm sea conditions and under a starry pre-dawn sky. A light westerly filled the bellies of our sails and made for easy paddling along a wide curving arc from North Head up to Avalon.

Somewhere east of Narrabeen.

Reverse paddling into a sea cave at Avalon Headland.

Tony jumps in to find dinner.

Rounding Barrenjoey a sun-baking seal barely raises a long eyelash at our arrival.

Well, a half-hearted yawn at least.

Another great day on the water with our kayaks ...

... as Tony's wife would agree.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abalone, crays and Humpback whales ...

OK ... so I wasn't intending on sharing the trivial details of our trip preparations but today's paddle along Sydney's northern coastline qualifies for special mention ...

A pair of Humpback whales travelling south.


And then, after a beautiful and productive dive into the clear winter water along Sydney's coastline, Tony conjures up this amazing abalone and crayfish risotto.

Quite a memorable day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Over the horizon

The tribe is now focussing on 6 months of intensive kayaking in preparation for a return to the beautiful land and seascapes of Tasmania.

During this period of preparation there will not be further posting to this blog.

There are already enough scoundrels on the internet without our additional contributions.

See ya.