Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crossing of Bass Strait

OK - so we made a successful crossing of Bass Strait.

Tony + Luke + Derek

Departure from Port Welshpool, Victoria, on 30th Dec, 2013.
Arrival at Little Musselroe Bay, Tasmania, on 15th Jan, 2014

Full details of our crossing to follow soon.

Initial expression of our sincere thanks to the following kind and generous people and places:

Katie + Claudia + Vickie for enduring the whole thing at home with children
Richard Barnes for incredible generosity and spirit
Rob Mercer for skills instruction
John Duffy for advice on fresh water locations
The Erith Mob for the 3 bottles of wine
Rick and Meg Amor for their genuine concern over our life expectancy
Kim and Spud for wonderfully kind hearted welcomingness and hot pumpkin soup
Warren (Yachtie) for the well meaning donation of provisions
The Great Bite Cafe, Killecrankie, for coffee and breakfast
The Hut at Royden Island for its cosiness
Tim and Wendy for their happiness
Meredy and Warren for their interest
Dee and Harry - so good to meet up with you on Tas!
The weather gods of Bass Strait ! ! !

Thank you all !