Friday, October 3, 2014

Coming soon to the east coast of Australia ...

Here are a few early photographs of Lawrence Geoghegan at Nadgee Kayaks Australia shaping the foam plug in advance of making the production moulds for an innovative and swift long distance expedition sea kayak.
Swift, but not necessarily as fast as other fine tourers already available elsewhere.
For what this kayak design sheds in hull speed it gains in the more nuanced facets of stability and true agility. 

While it will be swift through the water, this kayak is not designed solely as a down-wind flyer.
Rather it is a sea kayak specifically designed to be capable of comfortably covering 50kms a day along the bouncy east coast of Australia - with or against the wind, in milky calm seas or in the vibrant back wash and clapotis that is so characteristic of our cliff-lined coast with its deep sea swells and wind generated surface chop.
This kayak's hard chine mid-section will give the boat an enhanced ability to edge and pivot that other tourers lack. Being able to pivot a plumb-bowed kayak with agility in big seas and strong winds might literally be a life-saving characteristic.
Its large oval hatches to the fore and aft compartments will swallow all the gear that an extended expedition should ever require.
All deck fittings are recessed - including the compass and mast step.

This kayak has an exceptional rudder system thoroughly tested on previous Nadgee Kayaks. When deployed the NKA rudder blade emerges from its slotted housing beneath the deck profile to engage deeply, rather than sit up on the deck and stab ineffectively at the sea's surface as so many deck-mounted rudders do.
Considered thought has gone into every aspect of the design and ongoing fabrication of this kayak.
Further enquiries can be made directly to Lawrence Geoghegan at Nadgee Kayaks Australia:


Above: Lawrence shaping the foam plug, ahead of making the production moulds.